Classroom Training

I teach three different types of programs to MBAs and Executives at the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

  • Graduate Courses
  • Open Enrolment Executive Programs
  • Custom Executive Education Programs
  • Consulting Training Programmes

Graduate Courses: I teach a compulsory course in the first year titled Marketing Management 1. This is a basic Marketing course. I also teach two elective programmes in the second year titled Consumer Behaviour and Retail Management. I also offer a course called Food Retailing to second year students. At present I am working on a new course called Destination Marketing.

Marketing Management
The objectives of this course are to develop the participants’ basic analytical skills, conceptual abilities and substantive knowledge in the field of marketing management. It seeks to achieve the objectives by helping the participants undergo meaningful exercises in decision making in a variety of real life marketing situations. This course builds a foundation for those participants who plan to take marketing courses in the second year. It is also designed to serve as a terminal course for those not intending to specialize in marketing.

IMG_0072Retail Management
Retail is the last link in the chain which starts from the manufacturer and ends with delivery to the customer. Whether a person is in marketing of products for a large organisation or is in the service industry say consulting, familiarity with the retail level is essential for establishing a proper customer value chain. In Retail while opportunities are plenty, competition is also assuming global proportions. Today the retail consultants should be able to clearly visualise target customer segments, their aspirations and latent needs. They should be able to develop suitable formats within the limitations of infrastructure, logistics and customers affordability. Present course has been designed to for students who would either like to make a career in marketing or would like to make an entrepreneurship/managerial foray into retail in the near future.

Consumer Behaviour
To grow in any business an organisation should have a complete insight about their consumers. In this dynamic world of today with the increasing interference of the digital media as well as the social media the consumer is constantly updating herself about new developments in product and services catering to her need set. In this backdrop understanding the motivation and learning of the consumer as well as how she is being conditioned is of utmost importance. Moreover what motivates her and how does she develop perceptions is of great value for those handling marketing communication. This course aims to impart the theoretical information about consumer behaviour while discussing the applicability in our personal lives.

Destination Marketing
A vacation destination is an experience product in consumer’s perspective and intangible at the time of purchase evaluation and consumption (Cai et al 2003). Hotel facilities, transportation services are mostly intangible and consumer is not sure what will his experience be. “Tourists seek to enhance the quality of their trip by decreasing the level of associated uncertainty through information search.” How a Destination is visualised from a customer perspective, branded and promoted holds the key to success and economic growth of that region. It is a nascent field and holds a great promise for various hospitality, travel, cottage industries, and economy as a whole.
Destination marketing is an experiential course which will combine classroom learning with field studies and site visits. Course participants will need to reflect on the ground realities and applicability of marketing structures within field limitations. Broadly this course aims to:

  • Enable participants to use the Marketing principles to effectively promote tourist destinations
  • Effectively Differentiate the destination offering from competitive destinations
  • Develop A Robust Approach To Understand The Tourists And Maintain Profitable Association
  • Effectively Market the Tourist Destination in Internet Space
  • Develop Destination Brand Image By Stakeholder Communication Management


    International Training Programme at Muscat, Oman

Consulting Training
Designed and delivered the following programmes:

  • Devashish Das Gupta & Prof. Sanjeev Kapoor (2010) Three day training programme on Marketing and Retail Strategies in Agri Input for Coromandel Fertilisers at Hotel Mariott, Hyderabad. Held in April 2010.
  • Devashish Das Gupta & Prof Prakash Singh (2007) Two day training programme on Developing Managerial Skills for DGMs of Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). Held in August 2007.
  • Devashish Das Gupta (2007) two day training programme for senior marketing executives (15-20 years’ experience) of Indo Gulf Fertilisers ltd on April 13 and 14, 2007 at Lucknow. Programme focus was Marketing of Agri input products in the rural markets.
  • Devashish Das Gupta (2007) two day training programme for senior-most marketing managers (20-30 years’ experience) of Indo Gulf Fertilisers ltd on April 16 and 17, 2007, Lucknow. Programme focus was Marketing of Agri input products in the rural markets and refocusing of company’s marketing strategy.

Custom Executive Education Programmes

  • Conducted three In house training programme for LIC in Nov-Dec 2013
  • Programme Director for four Business Efficacy Development programmes for Channel Partners of L&T Switchgear division. Trained 100 Channel Partners from Dec 2011-Aug 2012.
  • Programme Director for ten Retail Efficacy development programme for star development officers of Life Insurance Corporation of India. Training 250 executives from July-October 2010
  • Programme Director for three Marketing Orientation programmes for LPG distributors of Bharat Petroleum Co Ltd. Trained 76 distributors across three programmes Jan, Feb and March 2010
  • Programme Director for MDP on Strategic Leadership for Principals of CBSE Schools June 15-19, 2009
  • Programme Director for Advanced Management Programme in Marketing for Senior Railway Officers April 14-25, 2009
  • Programme Director for one week training programme on Marketing for Indian Railway Traffic Service Officers October 20-24,, 2008
  • Programme Director for MDP for Star distributors of Sundaram PNB Paribas Asset Management Co Ltd September 29-Oct 1, 2008
  • Programme Director for one week training programme on Marketing for Indian Railway Traffic Service Officers July 14-18, 2008
  • Programme Director for one week Training Programme on Good Governance for IPS officers in Sep 10-15 2007.
  • Programme Director for one month training programme for State Bank of India Probationary Officers organised from Nov-Dec 2007.
  • Programme Director for three weeks Advanced Management Programme for DGMs of Power Corporation of India. Offered in 2006.
  • Programme Director for ten weeks Advanced Management Programme for senior executives Indian Railway Traffic Services in 2006
  • Programme Director for the MDP titled ‘Marketing Management for Sales People’ To be offered at IIM Lucknow on July 5-7, 2006.
  • Programme Director for programme “ How to Successfully communicate to the customer” December 18-20,2003 for top and middle level managers Offered at NIM
  • Programme Director for In house training programme (national level) of All India Radio on “Marketing strategy for AIR” held from November 25-29, 2002 at NIM
  • Programme Director for the MDP (Sponsored by SIDBI) titled ‘Business Management for SSIs: Post liberalization success strategies’ November 9-11, 2000 at NIM

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