In front of European Union headquarters

In front of European Union headquarters, Brussels


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Endorsements for the book:

“This  book offers  an  in-depth treatment  of the  issues facing tourism marketers.   The  book’s rich frameworks, stories, photos and diagrams will stimulate many ideas for  those engaged in attracting tourists to their areas.”

Philip  Kotler,  S.C.  Johnson  Distinguished  Professor  of  International  Marketing,  Kellogg  School  of Management, North-western University, USA

“Professor Devashish Dasgupta [has opened] a new chapter in disseminating knowledge of tourism marketing…Solid research of international scope … A must read for students of tourism learning about emerging markets.”

Professor  Liping  A.  Cai,  Director,  Purdue  Tourism  and  Hospitality  Research  Center,  and  Associate  Dean, College of Consumer and Family Sciences, Purdue University, USA

 “This  is a truly unique book on tourism marketing, which comprehensively presents the theory of the  subject supported by  cases and experiences from  industry. The book  offer s valuable insights with wide  relevance for the professional and as well as the student of tourism marketing.”

Dr.  Russell  Arthur  Smith, Interim  Dean,  Cornell-Nanyang  Institute  of  Hospitality  Management,  Nanyang Technological University Nanyang Business School, Singapore

“Each chapter is easy-to-read, with excellent brief case studies that include photographs and maps and builds on relevant  tourism  management  and  consumer  research  literature—an  excellent  introduction  to  the  field  of tourism management.  Really provides much new and exciting knowledge on tourism in Asia.”

Arch Woodside, Professor of Marketing, Boston College, Massachusetts, USA

3.         Devashish Das Gupta “Tourism in Global Village” LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN 978-3-8383-5957-1 published in July 2013


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