Consumer’s Personality traits and Manufacturer’s Marketing Challenges

Every customer is a bundle of personality traits. These traits then create a system which processes each marketing stimuli in a particular way. This particular way paves the way for perception and response to the stimuli is a purchase decision or non purchase.

Every manufacturer understands this scenario pretty well but is always in a dilemma. His/Her endevour lies in generating sales and revenue. Now revenue is a  function of Profit minus costs. Thus one source of revenue is minimization of costs. Second and the more proactive method is increasing sales. Now sales increase depends on either increasing usage or increasing the number of users. Generally increasing usage is not a practical strategy as it would involve devising new uses of the product or more quantity used per usage. Thus increasing the user base becomes the most viable option. This does not mean that companies do not go for option number one. For instance the coffee brands start talking about cold coffee in summers who just few months back were talking about the warmth of relationship with a cup of coffee. But this option has a limited base.

Increasing user base involves either new users or users of competitors brands. Converting non users expands the complete market but then it involves a familiarization strategy followed by creating favorability. Here the challenge regarding personality traits comes in. When the company trying to enter into new customer bases initiates the marketing of its product then customers view it in line with the brand image or brand personality of the company and the product. In this process the first challenge for the company is congruency. Whether the company’s marketing communication, positioning of the brand and the product value as perceived by the customers is in congruence with the customer needs or to be more apt the need gaps is a multi million dollar question.

Second issue is the personality traits of the segment company is focusing upon. The Marketing communication must address to the target segment in a language and with a message which directly offers a solution to them.

Again if the product is an active one then it will be required that all functional benefits are highlighted. Here its important to note that this will lead to instrumental conditioning and thus our message strategy should facilitate cognitive learning about the product. As against this all lifestyle products will generally need to focus on emotional issues and image issues as they need to focus on hedonic learning.

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