Marketing Orientation – The Need of the Day

I feel happy to start this blog today. In this blog I would be focussing on multiple issues. Primary focus will be Marketing and allied areas. But on an off I may wander off in areas of self-development and leadership. Whatever I write the intention is to help the reader in any small or big way possible.

Today all companies whether big or small are pursuing one philosophy ie SALES. Every boardroom the discussion is on YOY or MOM (Year on Year n Month on Month sales differences). This psychology forces organisations to become short-sighted. This leads to a scenario wherein time and energy resources are completely diverted for devising ways and means to increase sales. The result is over selling, compromising with Brand image of the organisation, reduction in Product Life cycle, a clutter in marketing communication. This however creates an opportunity in the market. An opportunity for those who can be more customer oriented, more marketing oriented than sales oriented and investing in R&D to understand future needs better. Marketing essentially works on three principles Creation of Value, Delivery of Value and Communication of Value. This is far beyond the philosophy of sales.

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